Campaigning Songs (solo)

Here you will find lyric sheets for some of my solo songs. Video and audio can be found here.

These Feet Could Climb A Mountain is my response to the increase in visible racism I witnessed following the Brexit referendum. It is about keeping the hand of friendship open. These images were generously shared by friends and friends of friends. Lyrics.

Fair Palestine. A ballad Celebrating some of the most inspiring people I have met in Palestine. A song about what home means. Lyrics.

Take Back The Sky. A song celebrating my favourite piece of nonviolent direct action ever – when thousands of children living in Gaza made and flew kites on the beach, breaking the world record for the largest number of people flying kites simultaneously. Lyrics.

Tar Sands. This song was written after watching this interview with Cree Elder Celina Harp talk about the impact of Tar Sands on her local community. Lyrics.

Never Again. In support of the March for Our Lives movement in the USA, led by young people working to end gun violence. Lyrics.

The Lady with the Hammer (Shine a light). About the amazing Florence Nightingale. You can read a short piece I have written about her life and how relevant she is just now here. Lyrics.

My thoughts on song sharing and copyright can be found here.

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