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Radical Songbooks

Now More Than Ever: 50 years of Scottish CND

This 118 page A4 songbook is a comprehensive collation of songs sung within the Peace and Anti-Nuclear movements in Scotland and the UK from 1958-2008. Words and notations to all songs are included, as well as eyewitness accounts sharing the context of various songs, peace camps and actions. This songbook is currently out of print, but we will be doing a reprint and hopefully making an electronic copy available as well later this year. Watch this space.

Gude Cause: 100 years of Scottish women singing

This 67 page A5 songbook was collated to celebrate 100 years since the first big women’s suffrage march in Edinburgh in 1909. It gives a selection of Women’s songs including early Gaelic and Scots songs, as well as more modern Ballads celebrating Scottish women such as Mary Barbour.

Action AWE Songbook

This handy pocket-sized booklet of peace and anti-nuclear songs was collated for the Action AWE campaign at Aldermaston from 2013-16, and I’m sorry to say that plenty of these songs will still be relevant today, so I’ve shared it here as a PDF in case it’s useful to anyone. Just print it double sided and you can make an A5 booklet with it.


Still Life: Tales From The West Bank

Three months, two human rights observers and countless accounts of occupation distilled into an hour of song, story and image.

This CD contains the songs (and a bonus video) from Still Life: Tales From The West Bank, written and performed by Karen Chalk and Penny Stone to tell some of the stories of everyday life under occupation that they witnessed during their time volunteering in Palestine as human rights observers.

If you would like a copy of either of these songbooks or the Still Life CD, they cost just £5 each and the money is given to relevant charities. Postage costs £2.80. Contact me if you would like to order one.


1001 Olive Trees:  Tales of Resistance

San Ghanny produced this book following our second trip to Palestine as a choir in 2017. The book tells the stories of everyday life under occupation and shares some of our experiences and reflections. It also includes a CD of some of the songs that we sang in Palestine and that we sing back home in Scotland.

If you would like a copy of the book (£9 including CD) you can order one by contacting me.

ISBN: 978-1-9999114-0-9

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