Campaigning Videos

Whilst we’re more online than in person, I’ve been putting together the occasional campaigning video to virtually bring together many voices for change. Many of these have been with members of Protest in Harmony and the Campaign Choirs Network. I’ll collate them here as they appear.

Hiroshima Song

ICAN Ban That Bomb!

ICAN Can-Can

Never Doubt

O Come All Ye Faithful (Palestine)

Sisters Not Strangers

ICAN Can-Can

We are celebrating the coming into legal effect of the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty on January 22nd 2021 by singing and dancing this anti-nuclear version of the Can-Can. Anyone is welcome to contribute videos, photos and/or audio to the project, so please do share with your peace-loving friends.

Ways to join in

  1. Video yourself doing the can-can along to some of this track. I only need 30 seconds of each person to edit together, so you don’t need to dance for the whole thing. Please try not to sing along as you dance so that I can edit the dancing more easily. Be as creative as you like with this. Wear fancy clothes, film just your fingers dancing, get your kids involved etc. etc. [this is the preferred option – if you are able to, please get can-can-ing!]
  2. Take three photos of each leg making the can can dance movements – one with two standing legs, one with a bent knee and one with the same leg kicking out straight in front of you. That way I can animate the pictures to make you dance!
  3. Take a photo of yourself with a sign saying “sign the treaty” or “make the world a safer place” or “let us live in peace”

Ways to join in [music and singing]

  1. Listening to the audio track with headphones on, audio record yourself singing along with all of the sung bits. If you are lower voiced and the ‘sign the treaty’ line feels too high for you, just miss that out and sing the rest. There will be a count in of 8 beats, please clap on beat 5.
  2. Listening to the audio track of just ‘sign the treaty’ with headphones on and recording yourself singing along. There will be a count in of 8 beats, please clap on beat 5.
  3. If you play an instrument, please feel free to listen to the audio track with headphones on and record yourself playing along with any extra sounds you like. Play along with the tune or add some twiddles if you like. The guide track was recorded to a click track so that all the dancing is at the exact same speed for editing the video, so if you are a percussionist of any sort, it should be join-in-able with as well. There will be a count in of 8 beats, please clap on beat 5.

iCAN Can Can – video and audio instructions

1. Here is a youtube video of the audio track for dancing along with:

2. Here is an audio recording for dancing along to. [MP3]

3. Here is an audio recording for recording singing or playing along to with a count in and a click track. [MP3]

4. Here is an audio recording for recording singing or playing along to with a count in but without a click track. [MP3]

5. Here is an audio recording if you want to sing ‘sign the treaty’. [MP3]

6. Here is a score of just the sung part. [PDF]

7. Here is a score of the tune. [PDF]

8. Here is a score for piano, voice and cello. [PDF]

9. Here is a score of the tune in C for players of Bb instruments. (if you play an Eb or F instrument and would like a score of the tune written in the right key, just let me know) [PDF]

10. Here are the lyrics. [PDF]

If you are recording yourself singing or playing an instrument, you can do it with a computer, tablet or phone. With any of these, make sure you put the microphone far enough away from you that the recording won’t distort as it won’t be useable. Wear headphones to listen to the track you are singing along with (this might be easier if you use two devices, eg listen to the track on a computer and record onto your phone). If you are singing and you stand a metre and a half away from your phone that should be fine. Please also check that there is very little background noise – recording in a cupboard is ideal, or a room with lots of soft furnishings in – please don’t record in a large or tiled room as the reverb is difficult to manage in the mix. Thank you!

You can send audio and video in any format. If you have a choice, choose mp3 or mp4 for audio and videos. If you’re recording an instrument, feel free to send in a higher resolution format such as .aiff or .wav, but .mp3 is fine if that’s easier.

Lifeline: Please have all video and audio recordings to me by January 11th at the very latest. If you are able to get any video, photo or audio to me before Christmas that would be much appreciated.

Please send files to Penny at If they are too big you can use WeTransfer.

O Come All Ye Faithful (Palestine)

iCAN Ban That Bomb!

The Nuclear Ban Treaty got it’s 50th ratified signatory on October 25th 2020, and will come into legal effect on January 22nd 2021. This is a wee video of some Edinburgh celebrations! Learn more about the Treaty:

If you want to sing this song, you can find the lyrics and score here:

October 2020

Sisters Not Strangers

#SistersNotStrangers is a campaign led by refugee and asylum-seeking women to build solidarity for women who have come to the UK to seek safety but have instead been made destitute. You can find more information about the campaign here. This song is in support of this campaign – please sing it, share it, and use it to urge people to support this campaign. If anyone wants to sing this song, the score and parts are here:

Huge thanks to all who shared a picture for the Sisters Not Strangers video – please do share far and wide – and please share the link to this page, where you can find a draft letter to send to your MP:

October, 2020

Never Doubt

This video was put together in support of real climate action, and to remind us that we are many.

September 2020

Hiroshima Song

Made for the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. ‘Hiroshima Song’ was written by a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima. It translates as “It is important that we tell the children what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki so that it never happens again.”

“We remember the victims of the dawn of the nuclear weapons age in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and we honour the survivors who seek the sunset of that age by pledging to join them in their fight to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons.” Add your voice to this pledge and help us pressure governments to sign up to the global ban on nuclear weapons here:

August 2020