Songs for Groups

I believe in the power of song to build community and I write big and small songs for groups to sing with this in mind. I write songs about all sorts of things: music, nature, tea, flapjack, people and places. I particularly enjoy writing wee harmony songs that are quick to learn and fun to sing.

Radical Songs

I have a particular interest in songs that can help support positive social change. Radical songs can help us to feel connected with each other as activists, and also help us to communicate the message that another world is possible to others.

Women’s Voices and Unheard Voices

I am committed to helping redress the balance of history by writing into song words and stories of those who have been left out of or misrepresented in the dominant historical narrative. Women I have written about include Malala Yousafsai, , Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Williamina Fleming, Wangari Mathai, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Greta Thunburg and Mariella Franco. Indigenous voices I have amplified include Tar Sands activist and Cree Elder Celina Harp, and the Cholita Climbers who live in Bolivia.

Nature Songs

I love nature, and singing about and in nature helps me to feel hopeful for the future as well as more connected to the world around us. I have recently been working on songs for community choirs inspired by the Lost Words book as well as the Scatterseed project making educational and fun ‘adult friendly’ nature themed music for kids.

Kids songs

I write and sing silly songs for big and small kids to enjoy. I have written many lullabies to celebrate the birth of friends’ and family’s children. If you would like a lullaby written for someone special, please see info about commissions below.


I am available for commissions. My specialty is a cappella choral music. I also write songs for solo voice as well as music for solo instruments and small ensembles. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss the possibilities. Costs vary with size of piece and ensemble.

Examples of my choral work can be found here and solo songs here.


When writing lullabies for commission, I work on a sliding scale of £100-£200. I can write just a melody, or a two part lullaby or a tune with chords, depending what you’d like. I supply a recording, lyric sheet and notation if desired. I ask for a conversation or email to get a sense of the people I’m writing for, often a sort of stream of consciousness writing of random stuff is what comes out which works well. And that helps me find a lullaby that suits you, your life and your environment. I like to know what people’s native languages are, in case a non-english or bilingual lullaby is the right thing, and what sort of music people like (I’ve never written a heavy metal lullaby(!) but even knowing someone likes Americana or Scottish tunes, have family from France or an Oak tree in their back garden helps me find a lullaby that is really yours.) If you’d like a lullaby written for your wee one but can’t afford it, please do get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. Skill share is always a possibility, and I think everyone should have their own lullaby!

My thoughts on song sharing and copyright can be found here.

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