Health and Music

March 2020: Dear friends, as all singing groups in the UK will be on pause just now, I am recording short singing sessions with voice exercises for my health-specific groups. Whilst they’re aimed at my groups specifically, these videos are freely available for anyone to watch, so if you know someone who might benefit from watching them and joining in, please do share. I will put a new session up for both groups every tuesday. Any lyric sheets can be found below.

You can find the Let’s Sing (dementia focused) playlist on youtube here.

A vibrant new resource of songs to sing at home for people living with dementia, curated by Luminate Scotland, is available here.

You can find the Singing4Fun (Parkinsons focused) playlist on youtube here.

Download the Singing4Fun Christmas Songsheet PDF by clicking here.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: I have put up lyric sheets to various songs here to make it easier for any singers living with chronic health conditions to participate in these virtual singing sessions. If you hold copyright to any of these lyrics and would like me to remove them for any reason, please let me know. I am making them available in good faith and sincerely hope no-one will object to their use to keep people musically connected during this time.

Lyric Sheets for longer songs in the earlier videos below(later videos have lyrics posted on the screen):

Let’s Sing Week 38:

Singing4Fun Week 38:

Let’s Sing Week 37:

Singing4Fun Week 37:

Let’s Sing Week 36:

Singing4Fun Week 36:

Let’s Sing Week 35:

Singing4Fun Week 35:

Let’s Sing Week 34:

Singing4Fun Week 34:

Let’s Sing Week 33:

Singing4Fun Week 33:

Let’s Sing Week 32:

Singing4Fun Week 32:

Let’s Sing Week 31:

Let’s Sing Week 30:

Singing4Fun Week 30:

Let’s Sing Week 29:

Singing4Fun Week 29:

Let’s Sing Week 28:

Singing4Fun Week 28:

Let’s Sing Week 27:

Singing4Fun Week 27:

Let’s Sing Week 26:

Singing4Fun Week 26:

Let’s Sing Week 25:

Singing4Fun Week 25:

Let’s Sing Week 24:

Singing4Fun Week 24:

Let’s Sing Week 23:

Singing4Fun Week 23:

Let’s Sing Week 22:

Singing4Fun Week 22:

Let’s Sing Week 21:

Singing4Fun Week 21:

Let’s Sing Week 20:

Singing4Fun Week 20:

Let’s Sing Week 19:

Singing4Fun Week 19:

Let’s Sing Week 18:

Singing4Fun Week 18:

Let’s Sing Week 17:

Singing4Fun Week 17:

Let’s Sing Week 16:

Singing4Fun Week 16:

Let’s Sing Week 15:

Singing4Fun Week 15:

Let’s Sing Week 14:

Singing4Fun Week 14:

Let’s Sing Week 13:

Singing4Fun Week 13:

Let’s Sing Week 12:

Singing4Fun Week 12:

Let’s Sing Week 11:

Singing4Fun Week 11:

Let’s Sing Week 10:

Singing4Fun Week 10:

Let’s Sing Week 9:

Singing4Fun Week 9

Let’s Sing Week 8:

Singing4Fun Week 8:

Let’s Sing Week 7:

Singing4Fun Week 7:

Let’s Sing Week 6:

Singing4Fun Week 6:

Let’s Sing Week 5:

Singing4Fun Week 5:

Let’s Sing Week 4:

Singing4Fun Week 4:

Let’s Sing Week 3:

Singing4Fun Week 3:

Let’s Sing Week 2:

Singing4Fun Week 2:

Let’s Sing Week 1:

Singing4Fun Week 1:

There is also a set of Singing for Breathing exercises and songs that has been made available by the Sydney DeHaan Research Centre here.

There is a growing body of research supporting what community musicians have long known – that community music making, and particularly singing, supports health and wellbeing. Singing is good for all of us, and can be particularly beneficial in supporting people living with long term mental and physical health needs to live as well as possible. I currently work regularly with groups of people living with dementia and Parkinson’s, and have worked with participative singing in a psychiatric hospital for many years. Here are a few useful links for anyone wanting to learn more about music and health. Though of course the best way to learn about music and health is to go make some music with people and see how you feel!

Sing Yourself Better – the health benefits of singing in a choir.

The Sydney DeHaan Research Centre at Canterbury University have produced some helpful guides to support people setting up health related singing groups.

Information about the Singing for Lung Health network can be found here.

The British Voice Association has a series of leaflets about general voice care and a variety of voice health issues here with more in depth voice care articles here.

Extensive resources on arts and health can be found at the Repository for Arts and Health Research.