Radical Singer

I write and sing songs on a variety of themes, with a strong focus on peace and social justice. I endeavour to shine a light on stories and and uplift voices we might otherwise not hear about.

I haven’t recorded a lot of my work, but some of my songs can be found below. Please feel free to listen, share and sing them. You can find lyrics to some of these songs here.

These Feet Could Climb A Mountain is my response to the increase in visible racism I witnessed following the Brexit referendum. It is about keeping the hand of friendship open. These images were generously shared by friends and friends of friends.

Women of Scotland is a poem by Kathy Galloway that I set to music some years ago. This video is full of pictures of many generations of Women of Scotland to enjoy…

Fair Palestine celebrates some extraordinary-ordinary Palestinians living everyday life under Occupation.

Take Back The Sky celebrates my favourite piece of nonviolent direct action ever: In 2009, then in 2010, then again in 2011 the amazing kids living under bombardment and siege in the Gaza strip broke the world record for the number of kites flown in the sky at one time. 12,350 kites were flown.

Take Back The Sky

Wake Up! is a wee song for groups to sing using the words of young climate activists.

Spartacus celebrates disability justice activists in the UK challenging ongoing cuts to the welfare state.

You And I

The Lady With The Hammer (Shine A Light)

A song about the amazing Florence Nightingale. You can read a short piece I have written about her life and how relevant she is just now here.


Never Again. In support of the March for Our Lives movement in the USA, led by young people working to end gun violence.

Now and then I write a non-radical song! Dear Sister, Rest a While is a song of comfort I wrote for a very dear friend of mine. I hope it can comfort you as well. I have started to share more soothing songs here.

Auntie PJ

I make these wee videos every Friday for my Niece and Nephews (who are awesome little people). I have made them publicly available for anyone who wants to sing along with them (young or old).

Sweetly Sings The Donkey

More songs can be found here:

Auntie PJ

My thoughts on song sharing and copyright can be found here.

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