Seeds of Hope: A Feminist Requiem: For community voices and soloists. Premiering in Edinburgh, Sept 2022 and Derby March 2023

Singalong Songs: learn and sing songs (emergency singing resources begun March 2020)

San Ghanny: Palestine Solidarity Choir

Lullabies: Lullabies written for friends and family. Commissions welcome.

Soothing Songs: Lullabies for adults! Began recording to help folk during the Covid pandemic, 2020.

Radical Voices: Radical open mic night, encouraging people to share their voices and ideas.

Writing: My regular column in Peace News can be found here, as can archived articles from various times and places.

Auntie PJ: Songs for my Niece and Nephews. And any kids you know too!

Scatterseed Songs: Adult friendly nature songs for little people.

Archived Projects: Here you will find info about passed or dormant projects.

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