I write a radical music column for Peace News. Articles are all archived and new pieces appear bi-monthly. You will find links to recordings of various songs I have written about here.

Hospitalitea is a short piece of writing about Palestine from the book 1001 Olive Trees by San Ghanny (2017)

Why Do We Sing? Reflections on Music, Solidarity and Resistance is a longer piece from the San Ghanny book noted above.

Greening Choirs is a short reflective blog as part of the Dear Green Bothy project.

Previous Writings

I worked as a human rights observer in Palestine with EAPPI. Here are some of the dispatches I wrote during that time. More up to date eyewitness accounts from this programme can be found here.

Digging Holes And Planting Trees, 2010

Rights Of The Child, 2009

The Space Between Us, 2009

Whilst working with the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre in Edinburgh, I wrote many articles that aren’t digitally available, but here are a couple of articles that may be of interest from that time: an article detailing an eventful anti-NATO demonstration in Strasbourg in 2009 and a short account of my first arrest for nonviolently blockading Faslane Nuclear Naval Base in 2007.

Non A Tout Violence, Strasbourg, 2009

Rise Up Singing, Faslane, 2007

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