The Bubbling Pot

A Monthly(ish) Songwriting Play Space via zoom

Upcoming sessions, Spring-Summer 2022 ** please note change of dates! **

Monday June 6th, 10.30-11.30am

Wednesday July 20th, 3-4pm

These hour long drop in sessions are open to all, whether you have any experience of writing or songwriting or not. I will facilitate short writing and musical exercises that help to get the pot bubbling. This isn’t a ‘revising’ or ‘editing’ session – it’s about getting creativity flowing. There is no right or wrong, just play. You will be very much in your own space, as the exercises are mostly individual, though there’ll be a bit of creative exchange via the chat function. You can keep your video off or have it on as you need.

Cost: £4-£8 (if you would like to come but need a further discount, please do get in touch).

To book a place, email Penny on and I’ll send you the zoom link.

What you will need:

Your notebook and pen

A Dictaphone (or recording app on your phone – but turn the sound off the phone if you’re using this so it can’t interrupt your train of thought!)

Some loose leaf paper

Coloured pens/pencils

A warm drink and a blanket or whatever makes you feel comfy and safe

Handouts with the exercises listed after each session will be posted here as well:

Handout – Session 1, Feb 14th 2022

Handout – session 2, March 2nd 2022

Handout – session 3, March 28th 2022

The exercise instructions will be videoed and available to re-watch here:

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