International Song Resources

On this page, I’m sharing a few public domain songs from different traditions and/or in different languages that I have compiled over the years in case they can be of use to other singers. I’ll update this page periodically. These songs aren’t in my native language, so if you see any errors, I’d be really pleased to hear from you correcting me!

International songsheets connected with online workshops can be found on this page.

Archiminiá ki Archichroniá

Greek New Year song. Lyric Sheet.

Video coming, Dec 31st.

Laylet 3eed

Arabic version of Jingle Bells, meaning ‘Christmas Eve’, as sung by Fairuz. Chorus only (which means it’s very singable for non-Arabic speakers!). Lyric Sheet.

Nu Ar Det Jul Igen

Lyrics and translation.

You can find a score of the tune (played on a Nickelharper) here.

Sankta Lucia

A Swedish pre-christmas celebration on December 13th. Lyrics and translation.

Silent Night

This songsheet has the lyrics to Silent Night in 32 different languages.

Twelve Days of Yuletide

Scots words to the traditional ’12 Days of Christmas’ written by Sheena Blackhall.


We Shall Overcome

You can find more information about the history of this song here.

Lyrics (Arabic, Hindi and English)

You can find an arrangement of the song here.

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