Hi, my name is Penny and I’m a songleader, singer and composer.

As a songleader and singing teacher I have a breadth of experience working with community singing groups and radical music groups, as well as facilitating singing with groups bound together by experiences such as addiction, navigating mental health support services, and surviving violence and abuse. I also use singing to support people living with chronic health conditions such as Parkinsons and Dementia. I am committed to working for peace and social and environmental justice, helping to free people’s voices through listening, singing, campaigning and writing. I write and perform music, as well as facilitating others music making, with the same aspiration of speaking honestly about the world around us in firm belief that another world is possible.

Everyone Can Sing:

Everyone can sing, and everybody has the right to use their voice. We all experience things that silence our voices in the short or long term, and as diverse and individual as our voices are, we all take different routes back to using our voices again. No-one’s voice is the same as yours, and your voice is valuable.

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